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Monday, March 25, 2019

Forex trader jobs

Forex trader jobs

Monthly Salary: 4001 - 5999 AED
Years Minimum Education
Level: Bachelor Degree
Company Size11-55 Employees
Job Post: forex trading

Forex Trading Expert needed With 5 years Experience 
With a handsome salary
1. Expert in forex & cryptocurrencies.
2. Dubai UAE experience preferred.
3. Must be graduate and more plus preferred
4. He can work independently in any tuff working atmosphere
5. He can manage c trader software.
6. Portfolio management.
7. Salary 4000-6000 AED plus commissions.
Ow buyers – buy and promote economic merchandise on behalf of their bank’s customers
Propriety investors – exchange on behalf of the bank itself
Sales buyers – take commands from the customer and act as intermediaries among the patron and the people who execute the trades (float and propriety buyers).
Obligations fluctuate slightly among the 3 varieties of the dealer. Float and propriety investors’ responsibilities include:
 Need forex trading in Dubai
Collating relevant records and statistics
Liaising closely with income team of workers and inter-dealer agents
Determining market sentiment thru research, valuation and statistics evaluation
The Monitoring United Kingdom and worldwide marketplace overall performance
Making costs in unique merchandise
Offering key events with each day trading information
Informing income staff about market actions/fees
Executing trades
Gaining statistics from income body of workers about patron problems.
Income investors recognition greater profoundly on customer relationships, so additionally they comfy deals with new clients, gift thoughts to clients and expand these relationships.
Our Address
Office 3006 East wing
Tower Name Latifa Next to Crown Plaza Hotel
 Sheikh Zayed Road between the World Trade Centre
Near Emirates Tower Metro Station
Office Contact Number: +971048767843

forex trading expert walk-in interview in Dubai

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